VCFO - Virtual Chief Financial Officer

This is our most rewarding premier service when aligned with other VIP services.Virtual CFO Services offered by Analysis 360° Customized agreements to a role engaged in the internal functions of the client's firm.

Areas that are covered by our attention to detail include:

  • Treasury
  • Finance
  • A/R and A/P
  • Costing, Planning, Budgeting, and Operations oversight
  • Company Stewardship
  • Virtual meetings
  • Online/Cloud share of files and related online technology

Further, we can provide a Mentorship Board experience as well as Treasurer Roles

Cost Accounting

Do you know how much you are making when you sell something? We can show you how much profit you are really making. ​Cost by project, job, customer or area.  Breakeven, and project budgets. 

Cash Flow Management

Do you have the cash to pay for what you buy or do you find that you have more month than money? This is not a joke and that's why we know it's important. Talk to us so you too can learn it's possible to pay for what you buy.

Banks & Government Presentations

We talk to those government peeps as most people can't stand to. Are you one of them? We can help!

Business Analysis/Growth

We take a look at what you are doing. We then let you know what can be done to increase your sales while keeping as much of the money you collect as possible.

Diagnostic Review & Business Coaching

Our service begins with an assessment of your business. This Diagnostic Review includes an analysis of your existing business plan and current bookkeeping and tax records. The resulting Findings Report details recommendations for Improvement. Collaboration then begins on an Action Plan to spur on business improvement.


Business Basics

  • Review of existing:
  • - Financial statements
  • - Business plans

Business Growth

  • Review of:
  • - Systems needed to drive growth
  • - Existing client data
  • - Existing client systems

Premium VIP

  • Review of:
  • All client Financials, Cash Flow, Contracts, Payroll, Business & Marketing Plan, Banking, Corporate & Personal Tax Records


Business Basics

  • 6 weekly online meetings covering the client's top 3 challenges

Business Growth

  • 12 weekly online meetings plus all required support material

Premium VIP

  • 26 weekly online meetings plus all required support material
Zero Advisor Certified
Hubdoc Certified Xero Partner
Plooto Certified Advisor

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